What is Social Welfare?

What is Social Welfare?

  • “The goals of social welfare programs derive from the goals of the larger society for itself and from the view that society holds of itself and of its various members.”
  • “…programs involve a redistribution of resources from one group to another.”
  • includes the history of the social work profession
  • Social change (macro) vs. individual adjustment (micro)
  • Emphasizing social welfare for the family as a unit for members individually, thus social policy = family policy.   However, US has no family policy or social policy that supports family life as its goal

What are some social values that America has?

  • “…Americans have valued private assets over public goods and individual autonomy over collective choices.”
  • History of anti-immigrant attitudes or nativism

Social policies and programs for families are a result from the interaction of:

  • Economic productivity
  • Perceptions of social institutions effectiveness
  • Programs focused on the individual vs. programs created to assist the whole (society)
  • Views of human nature
  • COS vs. Settlement House programs
  • Past decisions about social welfare

Why should we care about history?

  • Current political climate—how is that going to affect the social policies for the future?
  • Polarization of R and L.   Leads to very different outcomes
  • Race and class still very strong themes’ in today’s political climate





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