#2 Social Issue presentation

This 2nd presentation is a persuasive speech.  A persuasive speech is used many times by politicians, and specifically during electoral debates.  The speaker is trying within their speech to sway the audience to their position.  You will choose from a list of current social issues provided.  If a specific social issue is not on the list, please discuss with me to determine if it’s appropriate.

Topic examples:  (1) Abortion is a woman’s personal right.  (2)  Abortion is a form of murder.  You will be trying to sway your audience to your position.

This presentation will be in 2 parts.



Will complete a 2-3 minute Sound Cloud that is an introduction to your topic.  This should include your position statement and up to 3 main points supporting your position.

DUE: October 28th

(25 points)


By 11/5, all students will review Sound Cloud intros and are expected to comment within the cloud.  This could include; an opposing argument to the position stated, questions about the topic, supporting comments to their main points, opposing arguments to their main points.

Types of comments not allowed: “Good job”, “I agree”, “I disagree”, “wow”, “that’s interesting” and such within this same theme.


Will listen to all responses and reply either directly back to the statement on the cloud, or will type responses to be submitted at time of presentation.  This process is meant to help develop your final in-class speech.

PART II:  DUE: Week of November 11 (75 points)

A:             In-class presentations will be 8-10 minute.  A visual aid such as a power point, photos, quick (1-2min. max) video or sound bite may be used as part of your presentation but not required- and should be utilized very specifically to assist in your presentation, not deter from it.

B:              There will be a 5 minute Question & Answer period after your speech.  This may be new questions from the audience or questions originally identified in the PART I audience response.