#3 Social Movement presentation

Select a social movement of interest to you in the history of our nation (suffrage movement, anti-lynching movement, specific labor movements such as the garment workers or coal miners, civil rights movement, women’s movement, American Indian Movement, Farm Workers Movement, welfare rights movement, Gay Pride movement, disabilities awareness movement, tenants’ rights movement, livable wage movement, anti-sweat shop movement, etc). On this topic, research and discuss the following:

  1. How did the movement originate, what events or social problems precipitated the movement?
  1. Who was the initial leader or leaders of the movement? How did the leaders get involved?
  1. What were the major issues or demands of the movement?
  1. What actions were taken by the organization to gain public notice and bring about change?
  1. What changes resulted from this social movement in society in general and in the social welfare system in particular?
  1. What was the role of the social work profession or individual social workers in this movement, if any?
  1. Why did you choose this movement and what was your personal reaction to what you learned while researching this topic.

The presentation on this research should be 15-20 minutes in length.  This presentation requires the use of a visual aid, such as PowerPoint or Prezi presentation.  A one page, resource paper listing important dates in the movement and at least 4 references (only two can be websites) for information on the movement and leader must be turned in on the day of the presentation.

(100 points)