Course policies

1.   Attendance, tardies, and participation:   Besides credit toward the final grade, it is to the student’s benefit to attend class since much learning about course material occurs during the class times from discussing experiences, readings, and knowledge shared.   Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class, and calculated in the final grade.   Announcements regarding any changes, upcoming activities or how the class will proceed right after attendance is taken.   Students who come in late may not be briefed on these announcements.   It will become the student’s responsibility to find out from a classmate any missed information.

Students are expected to have read required assignments before coming to class.   Students are    expected to contribute to class discussion.

2.   Plagiarism.   Plagiarism is never acceptable.   According to U.A.F. 2012-2013 Catalog:   Academic Regulations, plagiarism is preventable by students “not representing the work of others as their own. A student will attribute the source of information not original with himself or herself (direct quotes or paraphrases) in compositions, theses, and other reports.’   Plagiarism includes copying in whole or in part from websites, articles, books, handouts, pamphlets, etc.   If you have questions about what constitutes plagiarism or how to cite the work of others in your papers, please ask.

3.   Incompletes, Withdrawals and No Basis Grades.   If a student is unable to complete or regularly attend this class on a regular basis, there are several possibilities for the final grade.    Students are able to withdraw (W) from the course up until mid-semester.   If students do not withdraw, but have not attended more than 75% of the classes AND submitted 75% of the coursework, students will earn a No Basis (NB) grade.

In order to receive an incomplete (I) for this course, students must have completed 75% of the required work for the course, attended 75% of classes, and have a written plan with a timeline conveyed to the instructor and approved by said instructor prior to the end of the semester. Allowing incompletes is entirely at the discretion of the instructor.

Social work majors are required to earn a “C’ or better in this class.